Hospital equipment

Medical oxygen supply device

It prevents device damage or breakdown caused by excessive voltage and current,
and detects the purity of supplied oxygen to alarm the user when the purity falls due to abnormal operation.

Internal safety device

The medical oxygen supply system of OXUS is equipped with the following safety devices to combat any medical and safety accidents.

  • Piping safety device

    Low pressure compensation valve

    If the supply pressure falls due to a device malfunction or power outage, the pressure sensor detects it. The power that is usually supplied remains charged at all times, and during a power outage, the electric power that has been charged is used to open the valve of the oxygen for emergency supply to be supplied it to the oxygen pipe in the hospital. If the power goes out for long hours, the charged power may also run out, but oxygen supply will be maintained by manually opened the valve.

Monitoring system

The monitoring system for detecting abnormal symptoms and improving safety and reliability displays the product status to the customer through a monitor, and it can report the status to the central server of OXUS or the customer’s computer through an Internet connection at any time. OXUS monitors the status of each product through a monitoring system and improves the quality through after-sales activities and data analysis.

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