The sky blue droplet symbolizing oxygen wraps around the blue color portraying technology to express oxygen that derive from technology, and the sky blue is then connected to the green color symbolizing life to express the essential relationship between oxygen and life. The green and blue combine to form the company’s name, OXUS, symbolizing that the fusion of life and technology is the true-self of OXUS.

CI color

  • OXUS oxygen color
    OXUS Oxygen
    CMYK C 36M 12Y 0K 4
    RGB R 158G 216B 246
    pantone pantone 2975 C
  • OXUS life color
    OXUS Life
    CMYK C 88M 0Y 65K 34
    RGB R 20G 168B 59
    pantone pantone 354 C
  • OXUS technology color
    OXUS Technology
    CMYK C 100M 52Y 0K 36
    RGB R 0G 78B 162
    pantone pantone 2145 C
  • OXUS company name color
    OXUS Name
    CMYK C 0M 9Y 14K 91
    RGB R 22G 20B 19
    pantone pantone 6 C

Logo and signature

No font exists for OXUS and it is used only as vector images. The sky blue circle has the same height as the entire design and is used as the reference length.

  • OXUS _ None A design with no text, only logo
  • OXUS _ Korean A design that includes the Company name text in Korean
  • OXUS _ English A design that includes the Company name text in English

Logo: Single color used

The OXUS logo uses three or four colors in principle, but it may use a single color only in limited circumstances. It is used when applied to a medium where color expression is impossible, for economic purposes, or for special expressions (gold leaf/silver leaf/tooling, etc.).

  • Black
  • White
  • Gold
  • Silver