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Water treatment

Oxygen and decomposition

Aerobic reaction

Anaerobic reaction

  • Aerobic bacteria decompose various organic substances in wastewater into carbon dioxide, water and various salts through aerobic respiration. When oxygen becomes scarce, gases such as methane, phosphine and hydrogen sulfide are generated due to the action of anaerobic bacteria, resulting in odor, and a large space is required for a long period of time to treat large amounts of wastewater due to a slow reaction.

Necessity of an oxygen generator

  • The fraction of each gas in the atmosphere Solubility of each gas
    N2 0.7808 0.00001274
    O2 0.2095 0.00002501
    Ar 0.0093 0.00002748
    CO2 0.00035 0.000707

The conventional extended aeration process has a simple system,
but consumes high energy, because 66.6% of the energy consumed is used to dissolve other gases in water.

Application example

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