What is aquaculture?

Aquaculture is a production method that breeds and grows cultured organisms in a certain area or facility to create resources or raise them for commercial use, and the organisms include aquatic animals, seaweed and other marine organisms.

  • Oxygen and fish growth

    Oxygen is the most important factor in lowering mortality rate and increasing growth rates in fish farming. Oxygen deficiency is also the root cause of the death of farmed fish caused by hypoxic water mass or red tide.

    For inland fish farming, intensive aquaculture is preferred, in which a large number of fish are raised in a small space for securing land for farming and easy maintenance. Oxygen supply becomes an essential factor because the oxygen required for fish to breathe is absolutely scarce in the intensive aquaculture.

Composition of oxygen generator for aquaculture

The oxygen generated by the oxygen generator is dissolved in water through a dissolver and supplied to the water tank

Composition of oxygen generator for aquaculture

  • Maritime cage aquaculture
  • Inland saline aquaculture
  • Inland freshwater aquaculture
  • Live fish storage

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